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The Evolving Role of Physician Leadership in Health Care Webinar By MentorHealth

11/13/2013 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Overview: Since the advent of the hospital as a key locus for the delivery of health care, physicians have been recognized as leaders in how health care has been organized and delivered-at least for a while. Beginning in the 1960's several events served to change the leadership position of physicians. One was the development of physician specialties, which placed more attention on clinical training while adding to the complexity of the hospital as a business enterprise, which was the second event. In turn, hospitals required leaders with more business leadership training-leading to the increasing role of the professionally trained non-physician leader. These leaders were typically trained in graduate programs with resultant degrees such as MBA or MHA.

By the 1990's however, a relatively new class of physician leaders began to emerge. These leaders possessed not only clinical expertise, but also well-honed business skills. In addition, as the importance of clinical care delivery grew outside the hospital, the need for other classes of physician leaders increased. As a result, most health care systems now have formal physician leadership development programs-some provided by a variety of vendors. This presentation will describe the various kinds of physician leaders and how they are prepared, as well as their future role in the health care system.

Why should you attend: Modern health care is a complex and important enterprise, and all health care organizations are faced with a bewildering array of challenges, including regulatory oversight, falling revenues and competition from all sides. In nearly all cases, the success of failure of these organizations will depend on the quality of their leaders. And where will these leaders come from? Since the 70's most leaders have been professional executives. However, as the demands for quality have increased, the leadership roles have begun to move to the people most capable of understanding quality care: the physician. This presentation will help you to understand what is required of the modern physician leader and what it takes to become one.

Areas Covered in the Session:

History of physician leader roles

Requirements for present day physician leaders

Differences between clinical roles and leadership roles

Kinds of physician leadership training activities

Who Will Benefit:


Medical Directors

Hospital Executives(CEO,COO,CFO)

Clinic Leaders

Dr. Marton has been involved in the development and operation of hospitals and health systems for about 40 years. In his present role as a board member of 2 health systems and consultant to leadership of other large health systems he has been involved in several merger activities and has first hand knowledge of the complexities of what makes for a successful or failed endeavor.


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