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9/24/2013 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

September 2013 Meetup

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

6:30 PM

The Apartment

401 Little Bourke Street , Melbourne (map)

Come along to the ninth DevOps Melbourne meetup. Presentations on DevOps culture and collaboration, process, and tool-chain and an opportunity to meet like-minded folk - engineers, s/w developers, managers, everyone.

Specific session details will be announced over the coming weeks.


John Viner from Envato

"DevOps ... be careful what you wish for"

DevOps, aims to brings Dev and Ops together as the name would suggest, but in adopting a DevOps approach , are you really just trying to leave Ops behind? In this presentation we will hear how getting a balance and combing the best of Dev and Ops is the path to a happy union.

Nigel Fernandez from ThoughtWorks

"Towards a responsive business, the developer way."

Over the last year, a team of software engineers have been quietly revamping the architecture, codebase and development practises at World Vision Australia. They have been using the principles of continuous delivery to deliver a SOA based IT platform for a non-profit who's business genuinely has a world wide impact.

We use Nuget, ProGet, WinRM, Chocolately, NSpec, Jasmine/Karma/PhantomJS and SpecFlow/Selenium/WebDriver. We test our deployment scripts with Canary deployments orchestrated through PowerShell. More interestingly we're using Puppet and Node.js to drive the idea of shipping products intended for single tenant architectures and the principle of "the machine as the artefact of the pipeline".

Mujtaba Hussain from

"A walk in the clouds"

A simple tale of pairing with my resident friendly Ops showed me a pathway to the clouds and how I learnt enough from it to start building my own castles in the air

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