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EITAGlobal introduces a 2day Inperson Seminar on What does an effective Enterprise Architecture Pr

2/17/2014 9:00 AM - 2/18/2014 5:30 AM


Today's Business/IT Environment for medium and large corporations can often be characterized as:

An IT environment that is highly complex & costly - organizations were spending more and more money extending, enhancing, and maintaining existing IT systems and services

Ineffective business alignment - organizations were finding it more and more difficult to keep their increasingly expensive IT systems aligned with business needs and drive the level of innovation required to grow the business

Many organizations have attempted to build an Enterprise Architecture (EA) Team to address these issues.

Most have failed to deliver what the business wants - an effective balance of spending control while adding flexibility and the ability to innovate & grow the business as needed

An effective EA Program should play a leadership role in addressing these needs & wants.

An effective Enterprise Architecture (EA) Program can deliver significant benefits to an organization including:

Reduced cost to maintain existing IT systems by reducing the number of technologies in operation (lower the cost of maintenance and training) as well as increasing the utilization of IT assets

Reduced time to bring new business products/services to the market by enabling the re-use of Business and IT services

Increased effectiveness of IT resources (capacity planning, solution teams) including increased efficiency of operation (design for change)

Increased effectiveness of Business resources by providing information and support for decision making (triggers points) and enabling impact analysis (reduce technology risk)

Reduce the all-to-often "firedrills" that divert focus from business imperatives

Why should you attend:

IT and Business Leaders that want to hear some ideas on how to make dramatic improvements in their ability to control IT costs as well as improving their companies' ability to respond effectively to business opportunities.

Areas Covered in the Session:

What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

Review popular "Frameworks"

Discuss EA definitions

Practical advice of what is EA

Key characteristics of effective EA Programs

Review observed behavior of some existing programs (anonymous)

Review the major components of EA

Provide advice on what makes an effective EA Program

Guiding Principles with a Class Exercise

Benefits of select EA Programs

Business and IT Benefits realized by select organizations

Case Study on Integrating EA into the Strategic Planning Process

Recommendations on building an Effective EA Program

Discuss various approaches

Identify some key factors

Key features of an Effective Enterprise Architecture Program

Who Will Benefit:



Business Leaders that want more from their IT Organization

Learn More: EITAGlobal introduces a 2day Inperson Seminar on What does an effective Enterprise Architecture Pr

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