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Hamboree Makerfaire and Tamiami Park

2/1/2014 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Hamboree Makerfaire @ Tamiami Park

The Dade Radio Club of Miami will be hosting a MiniMakerfaire in conjunction with an amateur radio convention. This unique melding of events puts geeks from two different but similar worlds in touch with each other. The ham radio side of the event will feature vendors of all types of electronic gadgets, old and new. Everything from radios to military gear can be found here. On the the Makerfaire side we will have folks showing off their projects and gear.

Price: $12-free



Sat Feb 1, 2014 9am – 12pm Eastern Time


Tamiami Park Fair Expo Center 10901 Coral Way Miami, FL

Learn More: Hamboree Makerfaire and Tamiami Park

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