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HackerNest Toronto Tech Social

1/27/2014 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Canada's largest tech meetups, and growing.

RSVP to get a nametag. This is important, because people without nametags aren't even really people. There, we said it. :)

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HackerNest is a nonprofit community movement focused on strengthening local tech ecosystems globally through unpretentious social events and hackathons. We’re nurturing cohesive communities today to empower them with more relevant and accessible peer-based tech education tomorrow.

Connecting people is awesome.

and community good breeds fab karma.

How? We do this by cramming lots of smart, accomplished people into a room with free beer. Our relaxed, down-to-earth Tech Socials are now Canada’s largest tech meetups (we’re in multiple cities).

Our membership - diverse and highly technical. Developers, designers, engineers, social media/business folk, entrepreneurs, investors, etc. regularly gather to socialize, talk tech, maybe hear speakers or watch demos, and meet future co-founders, employees, funders, and friends. Strict no-douchebag policy.

Global. We want an international network of HackerNest “splinter cells” to pop up everywhere – from underserved cities to high-growth innovation centers – to rescue nerds from isolated basements, offices, and code tunnel vision.

We love hardcore nerdcore.

Tech folks, tech events, tech love.

Behind the curtains.

We’re just regular, down-to-earth, hardworking people. You wouldn’t notice us on the street. Our team’s rich past/present includes associations with the likes of Microsoft, BlackBerry, Facebook, Y-Combinator, ING Direct, DDB, the UNDP, UBS, ESRI, TEDx, etc., etc.

We like fencing, Japanese Irezumi-style tattoos, ice hockey, rock climbing, comics, hacking x86 hardware, kung fu, daisy-chaining arduino kits, Wikipedia-ing, and all sorts of funky stuff.

Most of us have full time jobs (sometimes 2!) and projects going on, but we’re proud to contribute our time and energy into something that’s fundamentally good for the world.

laid back atmosphere + free drinks + brilliant people



We're not scienticians, but the formula seems to work: we became Canada's largest tech meetups in a year, before even leaving Toronto. Today we have "splinter cells" in multiple cities internationally.

Our intention is to complement and strengthen existing nerd ecosystems – we come in peace. This isn't a business; nobody owns HackerNest. Conceptually, it is the ideal of a strong and supportive tech community - pretty much anyone that isn't a jerk can be a part of it.

Interested in running HackerNest in your city? Take a look at the FAQ on our newly deployed, always changing site and get in touch. We’ll make awesome stuff happen.

Whoa, longest descriptions evaaar.

Learn More: HackerNest Toronto Tech Social

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