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Kalamazoo Makers Guild Meeting Maker Weekend Electronics Bootcamp

3/21/2014 5:00 PM - 3/23/2014 5:00 PM

n the course of a weekend we will learn the basics of electronic components and circuits, starting with fundamentals like Ohm's law, through circuit design and manufacturing custom printed circuit boards, culminating with a work session where we will build working headphone amplifiers you can take with you. After attending the sessions of this weekend you should be equipped to add things that light up, buzz, and spin to your next maker project. Our goal is to provide for a baseline level of electronics knowledge for area makers.

Lunch will be provided on Saturday afternoon with registration for this event. (I'm sorry but we cannot accommodate any dietary restrictions. Lunch will be Subway sandwiches, fruit, and an assortment of soft drinks).



1.) Each individual session will be posted as an event on our Meetup page, with independent RSVP for each. You will need to RSVP for each session you want to attend.

2.) We have a hard limit of 22 participants per session. Since some participants will be able to attend only some of the sessions, RSVP's for this event (the whole weekend) will not be limited. An RSVP for this event does not guarantee there will be a spot reserved for you in any particular session, only that you will have a name tag and lunch provided Saturday afternoon. 3.) Each session will have a list of materials participants will be responsible for purchase of the necessary components. They will almost certainly be available for purchase from the leader of the session either at the time of the event or in advance. Please check the session description for complete details.

4.) There is a "kids track" event with age-appropriate lessons in electronics. If you have kids under the age of 16 interested in learning electronics you are encouraged to check for the youth camp listing.

Learn More: Kalamazoo Makers Guild Meeting Maker Weekend Electronics Bootcamp

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