Nurturing the Next Big Thing

Kauffman Founders School unleashes the potential of online education to provide entrepreneurs with a robust curriculum where they can learn anytime, anywhere.

Featured Expert Video Series

In Founders School’s featured expert video series, you’ll find subject experts presenting video lectures designed to give entrepreneurs the knowledge they need to start, manage, or grow their business. The expert videos are embedded into meaningful topic-based modules lending to a rich learning experience, where content can be absorbed in reasonable amounts at a time.

Within the expert video series modules, you’ll also find:

  • Suggested readings
  • Questions for founders and their teams
  • Tools and resources for implementation
  • Relevant founder genius videos

Founder Genius Videos

Throughout Kauffman Founders School, you’ll discover Founder Genius videos. These bite-size videos (usually 1-2 minutes), showcase a founder discussing a very specific topic or piece of advice. Through these videos, entrepreneurs will learn about real-life experiences other founders have faced, while also gaining insights on the highs and lows of launching, maintaining, and scaling a venture.

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