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Why Failure is a Prerequisite to Learning

Counterintuitive, right? Not according to The Lean Startup, where this outlook on failure is integral. As this methodology, which focuses on failing fast, failing often and failing forward, gains acceptance across the country, it increasingly shapes product development and drives startup growth.

on July 06, 2016
Evolving from Founder to CEO: New series with Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg

Early on in your company's life it's just you. Slowly, you pick up another person, maybe a co-founder. Then, a handful of individuals who believe in your vision. Now you have a team working together. As your company matures, though, its structure must evolve, increasing the number of individuals involved, while refining the role each of them play.

on June 15, 2016
Why iPod Batteries Come Fully Charged: How Your Design Wins Customers

When Steve Jobs tasked his team with building the iPod, he continuously reminded them to "stay beginners" to treat your interactions with the device as if it was the first time. This meant not to assume a consumer would know how to work a certain aspect of the device, or that he or she would instinctively know how to navigate from one area to another. The smallest details mattered.

on May 26, 2016
Entrepreneurs: It's Not If You Fail, But How

Failure isn't the end of the game.

Sure, tell that to the founder who just lost a partnership she was banking on to bring in a large first round of revenue. But the reality is, most founders fail two or three times before they win. 

on May 25, 2016
Three Leadership Adjustments Your Employees Will Thank You For has partnered with the likes of Amazon and Wal-Mart, becoming one of their top health and beauty product sellers. But Andrew Vagenas, cofounder of the e-commerce retail website, admits that he was a "micromanager" when the company initially started to scale. He wanted a say in every decision and action undertaken by his employees.

on April 06, 2016
What Three Entrepreneurs Did To Test Their First Concepts

Before you empty your 401(k) or max out your credit cards trying to build an idea into a business, it's imperative that you make sure your risk and labor will pay off.

on March 09, 2016
Being on Shark Tank: The Real Benefit to an Entrepreneur

Once people learn that I work in the field of entrepreneurship, it doesn't take long before they ask the familiar question, "so do you like Shark Tank?" I respond that what I like most is the fact that it has made entrepreneurship a family-friendly word.

on March 02, 2016
How One Introvert Overcame Her Fears To Become A Successful Founder

For many people, introversion can be a badge of shame. Attributes such as quiet or shy are looked down upon as weaker characteristics. They're certainly not the qualities possessed by successful entrepreneurs. Oh, but that’s where our natural instincts can be wrong.

on February 23, 2016
Two Ways Entrepreneurs Can Collapse

Thomas Neyhart, co-founder of PosiGen, offers insights on how entrepreneurs often fail. It's easy to take your eyes off the ball, lose sight of goals, and inevitably collapse.

on February 16, 2016
How Entrepreneurs Find Success in Industries They Know Little About

Ideas don't care about your industry expertise. Many times, ideas pop into our heads from all sorts of inspirations, and they rarely bother to discern whether we have the experience or training to bring them into reality.

on February 03, 2016