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Angel funding on the rise
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

There's stability and then there's outright growth. For healthcare business owners looking for angel funding, they'll have to accept the former and wait some more on the latter. But at least it's progress.

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Angel investors filling startup capital void
Emerson Dan
Blog Resource

Angel investors and angel networks are becoming a growing source of early-stage investments for startups. Read about why angel investors are outpacing venture capitalists in early-stage investing.

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Another healthcare investing portal opens as crowdfunding continues to increase
Blog Resource
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Are we in a health IT bubble?
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

Talk of a possible tech bubble, based on high valuations of IT companies, has led to questions about whether a health IT bubble has been created as well. Read more about the signs leading to that speculation.

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Ask the attorney: Will Senator Dodd’s new bill destroy angel investing?
Walker Scott Edward
Article Resource

Question:  I’ve read a few articles and blog posts over the past couple of days regarding Senator Dodd’s financial reform bill, and some of them suggest that it’s going to be more difficult for startups to raise money if the bill is signed into law.  Why is that?  I thought the bill was supposed to address the problems on Wall Street that led to our financial crisis.

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Basics of Company Valuation
Sherman Andrew J
Article Resource

Valuation may be done for a wide range of reasons and is not an exact science, whatever method you use. To understand how a company's fair market value is reached, start here.

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Bet on the Horse: Determining Success Factors of New Businesses

In making their investment decisions, venture capitalists should bet on the product or process in a company over the management team, according to research from the University of Chicago School of Business. The researchers studied 49 venture-backed companies and found surprising stability of the firms' business models compared to management teams.

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Better Beginnings

Getting ready to do your first presentation to a VC or angel? A good beginning leads to a happy ending. An experienced speaker and writer provides entertaining and useful advice on why your business presentations should open with a spark instead of a spreadsheet.

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Biomedical endowment supports Duke program for launching new healthcare businesses
Vinluan Frank
Blog Resource

A new biomedical endowment at Duke University will support a program that has already launched new healthcare businesses. Read more to find out about Duke’s successes in commercializing medical technology.

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Biotech companies in New York benefit from new life sciences angel group
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