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Bridging the Digital Divide
Dash Darien
Article Resource

Founding an Internet company was a logical step for this college-educated rap fan with cable-industry marketing experience. He's a man with a mission: equipping minority communities with computer technology and online access so they can participate fully in the new economy. Commercial and community partnerships enable him to grow the business and carry the message.

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Your Company Is Worth What You Can Get
Wachs Joshua D
Article Resource

The founder of a software development business had already agreed to be acquired by one company and was ready to sign the documents. Then another company came calling with a better offer. Loyal employees and a working partnership with the buyer turned out to be the crucial assets constituting the value of the business. The author concludes that you need to shop around and negotiate to find out what your company is really worth.

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Angel Financing: Do's and Don'ts for Entrepreneurs
Sack Andy
Article Resource

Any entrepreneur who hopes to raise capital from individual investors, so-called "angels," should be properly prepared with a presentation, business plan, list of potential angels, and outline of the opportunity his or her new venture affords. The author explains that it's also important to avoid making such mistakes as allowing investors to have too large a stake in the enterprise. That could cause problems should the company fail, he writes, in an article filled with specific tips for dealing with these financiers.

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Managing a Mail-Order Marriage: Building Trust With Your VC Investor
Hammer Katherine Curle Robin Lea
Article Resource

Venture capitalists play a critical funding role, as entrepreneurial ventures move into the big leagues, but the price these investors extract is often too high. Entrepreneurs should consider the relationship analogous to marrying a mail-order bride and proceed accordingly, according to this comprehensive and entertaining article by two women who co-founded a software company. Tips include advising company owners to build trust with VCs and, until that is established, dealing with them in a way that allows for "a reasonable balance of power."

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