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Accounting Basics for Business Owners
Cohen Steven
Article Resource

Small business owners must become literate about their company's books without becoming accountants in order to deal with CPAs, keep on top of operations, and prevent fraud, says the co-founder of an accounting services firm.

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All I Know About VC, I Learned from My Kids

Investors can have a high degree of influence on the operations of their portfolio companies because of their capital and their board roles. Such influence, at times, may push through ideas that are not in alignment with the leadership team's strategy. This article offers one VC's insights into the relationship between investor and the entrepreneur or CEO.

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An Investment Trend Could Hurt Startup IT Firms
Baum Stephanie
Blog Resource

Venture firms are approaching angel investor groups to co-invest at the growth stage of startups. Read more about the impact this could have on startup IT companies.

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Analyzing Your Financial Ratios

This tool contains descriptions and examples of the eight major types of ratios used in financial analysis: Income, Profitability, Liquidity, Working Capital, Bankruptcy, Long-Term Analysis, Coverage, and Leverage.

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Angel Financing: Do's and Don'ts for Entrepreneurs
Sack Andy
Article Resource

Any entrepreneur who hopes to raise capital from individual investors, so-called "angels," should be properly prepared with a presentation, business plan, list of potential angels, and outline of the opportunity his or her new venture affords. The author explains that it's also important to avoid making such mistakes as allowing investors to have too large a stake in the enterprise. That could cause problems should the company fail, he writes, in an article filled with specific tips for dealing with these financiers.

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Angel Financing: Trends for Today's Entrepreneurs
Payne William H Bill
Article Resource

Angel investors are funding companies at the seed and start-up stage, as venture capitalists retreat from that market, says an angel investor and former entrepreneur.

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Angel Funding for Women and Minorities
Schulweis Kathleen B
Article Resource

Women and minorities are offered tactics for honing their approach to angel investors, who are largely white and male, from an entrepreneur who consults in the field.

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Angel Investing Is a Team Sport
Yates Vernon W
Article Resource

Angel investors have been banding together in groups, a development that benefits both the financiers and the companies they fund, says a former entrepreneur who chairs the nation's largest angel network.

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Angel Investing Revealed
Conway Ron
Audio Resource

Experienced angel investors, Ron Conway, Founder of Angel Investors LP, and Mike Maples, Founder of Maples Investments, provide a rare look into the ins and outs of angel investing. Conway and Maples discuss how angel investors assess opportunities, provide assistance to entrepreneurs and transition start-ups to larger venture investments or exit. In addition, Conway and Maples provide advice to entrepreneurs about finding one's passion and developing that passion into new ventures, including insight into how much money to raise and how to manage that money after it is in the bank.

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Angel funding on the rise
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

There's stability and then there's outright growth. For healthcare business owners looking for angel funding, they'll have to accept the former and wait some more on the latter. But at least it's progress.

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