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Help for healthcare entrepreneurs coming via StartUp Health
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

A former Time Warner CEO is headlining a major effort to bring more resources, financial and otherwise, to healthcare entrepreneurs.

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How "People-Problems" Can Confound Early Stage Ventures
Wendy Torrance
Blog Resource

Some of the very first decisions founders must make early on in their ventures are crucially important to the future of the business. Many of these decisions concern the ubiquitous "people problems" that challenge even experienced entrepreneurs. When should I found? Should I co-found with someone? With whom? How should we split the equity? Bad or ill-informed choices at critical junctures could have significant consequences for startups. In fact, research has suggested that 65 percent of new firm failures were related to problems within the management team.

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How Co-Working Spaces Lost Their Buzz
Amanda Schnieders
Blog Resource

There's been a growing resurgence of working areas of long tables with copious amounts of white boards. They call them co-working spaces. Since the coining of the phrase in early 2000s, they've grown into warehouse size places with cubical conference rooms and modern furniture, becoming a hip thing for entrepreneurial ecosystems and startups across the globe. But recently, I've come to a realization: Co-working spaces are lame.

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How early-stage healthcare companies can move fast - despite slow health systems
Christina Sherwood
Blog Resource

It's the classic conundrum for healthcare entrepreneurs: You want your business to move fast and grow quickly, but it can take months for large health systems to make a decision about your product or service.

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How to Build a Web Startup: Lean LaunchPad Edition
Blank Steve

As part of our Lean LaunchPad classes at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and for the National Science Foundation, students build a startup in 8 weeks using Business Model Design + Customer Development.

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How to Choose the Right Web Host for Your Business

Not all Web hosts are the same--far from it. Matching your host to your company is vital, and you have a lot of choices. Price, size, service offerings, type (there are four, at least), bandwidth, back-up processes, redundancy, and reputation are just a few. This article is part of a series on Web services.

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Identifying Excellent Suppliers
Article Resource

Excellent suppliers keep their promises, providing supplies and services when you need them.

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Implementing Accounting and Support Systems
Rosen Dan
Article Resource

Implementing business operations must be done right at the outset of a company's launch. This article offers tips for selecting and implementing such systems, including payroll, accounting, document management, and data collection.

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Incentive Compensation Plan (Phantom Stock)
File Resource

This tool is a sample legal agreement covering the issuance of phantom stock or stock that is based on a company's internal performance and reward measurements.

Internal Revenue Service Guide for Self Employers and Independent Contractors

Below you will find information helpful in answering many questions related to being self-employed individuals or independent contractors.

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