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How healthcare startups can snag big business execs
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

To attract big talent, healthcare business owners need to think big. Here are some ways to get the best high-level hires for medical device startups and other young companies.

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How is Your Leadership Changing?

Command and control doesn't work in today's organization. You can build a smarter, more resilient organization; it just takes a few changes in your approach to leadership.

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How to build a great startup team
Levesque Jane
Blog Resource

Hiring a team for your startup should begin with a core team of three people and build from there. Read more about a strategy for building your team.

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How to hire a successful leadership team
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

Besides having a good idea, the biggest key to a startup's success is having a diversified leadership team containing four personality types. Read more about forming a great team.

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How to hire the best people you've ever worked with

Straight talk about hiring from the co-creator of Mosaic, which made widespread use of the Web possible. Inventor and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen shares lessons learned, such as what to value when evaluating potential employees, how to manage the hiring process, and what to do if you make a mistake. Very practical and very readable.

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How you know when a mentor's introduction may be worthless
Seper Chris
Blog Resource

Finding a mentor for your new healthcare business can be important, but the wrong mentor could hurt your business. Read more for tips on identifying a bad mentor.

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Increasing Your Hiring Successes
Babinec Martin
Article Resource

This entrepreneur expert asserts that without a well-developed hiring process, entrepreneurs tend to make mistakes that can set their companies back. To build a high-performance top team, the author illustrates his three-step plan to reduce risk and increase hiring successes.

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Inside Entrepreneurship: Instant Success is an Illusion in Business

This article covers one of the key elements needed to take a startup to scale. And that's making sure you assemble a top team that understands business frugality (e.g., foregoing high salaries early on for equity).

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Interview Forms
File Resource

This tool features lists of sample key questions to ask and to avoid in an interview, a form for taking notes as you interview each potential employee, and a matrix to help you objectively compare candidates.

Interviewing Prospective Employees

This basic article on provides a practical overview of the interviewing process and specific questions to ask. It also points toward additional resources to help you hire the right people.The site itself is a solid resource for handling issues facing growing companies.

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