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Brainstorming Product/Service Enhancements Worksheet
File Resource

Use this tool to push beyond your current practices by considering growth opportunities through market penetration, line expansion, market expansion, and new product development.

Build an Army for Your Ideas

Even if you're the CEO, building enthusiasm among your troops for a new product idea can be tricky. What's the secret to success? Show them how it can actually become their idea. This article provides three real-life examples of how this approach works.

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Building Products & Construction Statistics

Trade Data on Construction and Building Industry

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Building Your Company's Innovation Strategy
Klopp Kenneth Hap
Article Resource

The entrepreneur who founded and ran The North Face (from its inception onward) tells his story about how his company was driven by the overwhelming need for innovation and a solid innovation strategy. To succeed in his industry, the author reveals his step-by-step method he used to innovate and eventually surpass the competition while building one of the industry's venerable brands.

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Building a New IP Marketplace

Protecting your intellectual property is a vital function. Check this "wiki" based on an open IP forum focusing on small business to see pertinent advice and commentary from the global perspective.

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Building the Creative Company
Lebesch Jeff
Article Resource

Creativity is all about finding innovative solutions to difficult problems, says an engineer who did just that to build what is now the country's fifth largest craft brewery. The article looks at how that principle applies to manufacturing, management, marketing and product development.

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Business Development in Emerging Markets

Brochure for Business Development in Emerging Markets including Financial and Political Risk Mitigation, Advisory Services and Technical Assistance and Export Opportunities.

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Business Ethics in Emerging Market Economies

Business Ethics: A Manual for Managing a Responsible Business Enterprise in an Emerging

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Business Forecast 2010

Millennium Challenge Corporation FY 2010 Forecast of Business Opportunities Description Estimated Value FY Qtr Country Requiring Office. This listing is not all inclusive.  It does not include anticipated actions that will be satisfied through calls or task orders against MCC contract vehicles.

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Business Opportunities

Information on contracting opportunities, contracting websites and model proposal formats.

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