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Business incubators: What you should look for when choosing one
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Interested in getting your fledgling healthcare business into a business incubator? That’s fine – even commendable – but just make sure you do your due diligence first.

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C3N: Advancing Entrepreneurs' Ideas Through Clinical Connections
Christina Sherwood
Article Resource

The team at Ginger.io, a Cambridge, Mass.-based health data company, had a great product: a behavior analytics platform using smartphone data to create health insights. But they needed a clinical partner to help get access to patients and physicians. That’s where C3N came in.

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Case Example: The Acclarent Regulatory Strategy
Chong Su Mien
VideoSeries Resource

Paul Yock interviews Su-Mien Chong, regulatory consultant, on the Acclarent(tm) regulatory strategy.

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Changing the Game of Enterprise Software
Tzuo Tien
Audio Resource

Tien Tzuo, Chief Strategy Officer for Salesforce.com, describes seven lessons for transforming an enterprise software business from a traditional direct sales model to one which leverages the internet to produce in-bound sales. He stresses the awareness cycle for Salesforce.com's products, free-trial offers, onion-based product design and the continuing importance of events in the complex enterprise software industry.

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Checklists for collaboration in innovation
Nicola Parry
Blog Resource

On day two of Healthcare's Grand Hackfest: Idea to Breakthrough Innovation in One Weekend, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, keynote speaker David Clifford discussed the importance of thinking ahead in the innovation process.

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Cleveland Clinic looking for microsensor design via open innovation
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

Cleveland Clinic is looking for a design for a surgically implantable microsensor. Are you up for the $30,000 challenge?

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Commerce Trade Mission Calendar

U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Mission Calendar

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Commercial News USA

US Commercial Service Export Promotion Magazine

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Commercial Service Market Research Library

Market Research Guides for Foreign Countries

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Commercial Service Sales & Marketing Services

Critical information about international markets and targeted marketing services to help you evaluate your export potential and establish a sales presence overseas and targeted marketing services.

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