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Buddy System

This brief but insightful article offers five guidelines to help decide if an alliance would help your company, as well as someone else's. Partnering can provide immediate access to technology, distribution, and other infrastructure without the time and expense of in-house development.

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Build a "healthy" company
Ryan Amin
Blog Resource

Kim Popovits, CEO of Genomic Health Inc., gave the keynote speech at a Life Science Ventures Summit hosted by the Kauffman Foundation. Popovits closed her speech by stressing the importance of having a company that is “healthy” (34:56-40:22).

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Building An Online Brand For Your Startup
Amanda Schnieders
Blog Resource

Strategic words are out. Personal search is in. This week, the Kauffman Foundation held a seminar on "Online Branding for Startups" with help from Mark Traphagen of Virante, a SEO marketing firm out of Durham, N.C. I learned a number of things in the hours we discussed branding with entrepreneurs and Kauffman associates, but here are my top four takeaways.

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Building a Business Beyond Now
MacKinnon Rebecca
Article Resource

Adaptation to change is a top priority for the founder of a fast-growing company that provides information-management solutions for home-care agencies. Leadership sets the standards for performance. But the bottom line is the bottom line, especially in tighter capital markets. The best way to foster endurance is to build value by satisfying your paying customers.

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Building an Entrepreneurial Career
Zoller Ted
Audio Resource

Kauffman Foundation Senior Fellow Ted Zoller challenges Stanford students to engage in entrepreneurship as a practice of action. Based on his research into dealmaker density and network development, Zoller details the power of seizing opportunities and the pathways to developing an entrepreneurial career.

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Burn Your Business Plan!
Gumpert David E
Article Resource

A business plan isn't as useful for raising financing as the prevailing entrepreneurial wisdom holds, argues the founder of an Internet marketing concern. Instead, focus on building the business and the money will follow.

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Business Model Video Series Assists Startups with Growth
Blog Resource

Entrepreneurs often find it challenging to go from idea to a valid business model, which is essential for a business to get off the ground, let alone survive and grow.

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Business Models That Mean Business
Cohen Scott
Article Resource

Even on the Internet, says the founder of a company that provides online directories for e-businesses, most new business models are really variants or hybrids of the three basic old ones. To gain competitive advantage in the new economy, what entrepreneurs really need is a low-cost customer-acquisition strategy. And, they face increasing pressure from investors to be right the first time.

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Business Plan Basics

The importance of a comprehensive, thoughtful business plan cannot be overemphasized. Much hinges on it including achievement of your goals and objectives.

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Business Plan Checklist
File Resource

This tool will help you identify areas in your plan that need additional atttention before it is complete.


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