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  • Reducing Costs and Accelerating Innovation in Biotech Startups

    Operating a biotech startup has presented increased difficulty and risk to entrepreneurs over the past decade. The costs of development for biotech startups have grown so much as to become a barrier to entry. Up-front capital costs for equipment now range from $200,000 for a scanning electron microscope to $740,000 for an Illumina next-generation sequencing platform (Wall Street Journal, 2012). It is in turn quite cost-prohibitive to establish in-house research platforms on basic startup funding.

  • Revisiting the Kauffman Life Science Ventures Summit via Storify

    Thoughts on entrepreneurship in the life sciences and digital health from the Kauffman Life Science Ventures Summit are the featured topic of this Storify piece.

  • Medical device maker finds success on his own terms

    A medical device maker has found success without a sales force or venture capital. Read more about this bootstrapper's way of doing business.

  • Why open innovation is good for healthcare innovation

    Sometimes the best healthcare innovations come from great minds outside of the healthcare industry, which is why it's important for startups to have diverse minds on staff.