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10 predictions for the healthcare industry in 2014

Based on healthcare industry predictions made last year by leaders and analysts, this year should have brought a re-evaluation of meaningful use (yep), a quantified self movement that would move mainstream (ehhh), more M&A activity in the industry (definitely), and the emergence of interoperability as a competitive benchmark for providers (not quite yet?).

on December 16, 2013
Category:  Growth  Ideation 
A better way to design and test business models

Getting healthcare innovation ideas off the ground is not easy in this mostly conservative industry. Having a proper business model can help startups to keep pushing forward and being more efficient with their time and effort. The video series called "From Idea to Business" offers strategies, things to avoid and step-by-step examples for entrepreneurs throughout the series.

on October 21, 2013
Category:  Creation  Execution 
New eMed white paper: business model canvas

Getting on the right path from the beginning is a key to an entrepreneur's success.

on September 23, 2013
Category:  Ideation  Execution  Growth 
Getting consumers to use your mobile app

Getting consumers to use a mobile app to play games or communicate through social media is one thing. Getting them to use a healthcare-related app is another.

on September 17, 2013
Category:  Execution  Growth 
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