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Jobs at startups require canadites with more than a strong resume

on December 29, 2011

When your healthcare startup has finally progressed to the level where you’re ready to bring on board another staff member – or maybe a few – how will you know who is the right person for the job?

Those first few hires can set the tone and determine the culture of your startup, so there’s no doubt they’re important. Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos, says his company does two sets of interviews – one to see if the candidate has the standard technical and team-working skills and another to see if his or her personality jibes with the company’s culture.

“We’ve actually passed on a lot of really smart, talented people that we know can make an immediate impact on our top or bottom line, but if they’re not good for our culture – which is more of a long-term play – then we won’t hire them,” he says in this interview with Business Insider.

It’s all about sacrificing the short-term benefits and keeping in mind the long-term goals of the company. And the wrong hire? It can have a domino effect, like the 100 million dollar effect Hsieh says it’s had on his online retail store’s 11-year run. “It’s tempting to put any warm body that’s semi-qualified into a position that needs to be filled, and that’s part of the reason we do the interviews separately.”

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