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Healthcare startup investments strong in Minnesota, Ohio

Healthcare startups in Minnesota and Ohio are leading the Midwest in attracting investment dollars this year, but healthcare startup investing for the Midwest as a whole has fallen.

on July 29, 2011
Lessons from an entrepreneur after a near-death experience

If you had a near-death experience, would it change your life – and the way you run your business? Read what an entrepreneur and plane crash survivor has to say.

on July 28, 2011
Medical device startup launched by home designer with an idea

Medical device startups often are created out of the entrepreneur’s desire to solve a medical problem. It’s no different with Continental Dry Works and its male urinary incontinence product, The Pocket.

on July 27, 2011
Business incubators: What you should look for when choosing one

Interested in getting your fledgling healthcare business into a business incubator? That’s fine – even commendable – but just make sure you do your due diligence first.

on July 26, 2011
Biomedical incubator lab will close, but still offer other services to startups

Biotech companies will no longer be able to use wet laboratory space at Cincinnati incubator BioStart in September. However, the organization will continue to offer other services, such as market research, business model assistance and team-building support.

on July 25, 2011
Female angel investors upset stereotypes

When it comes to angel investors, who’s wearing the wings isn’t as important as what’s under the halo.

on July 22, 2011
How to choose a clinical research organization

Choosing the right clinical research organization plays a key role in a successful clinical trial. Read about how to tell whether a CRO is a good fit for your company.

on July 21, 2011
New healthcare businesses face challenges in handling electronic health records

Healthcare companies that handle electronic health records should beef up their security standards – or face the wrath of anxious healthcare consumers.

on July 20, 2011
Cleveland Clinic looking for microsensor design via open innovation

Cleveland Clinic is looking for a design for a surgically implantable microsensor. Are you up for the $30,000 challenge?

on July 19, 2011
Medical device startups find a resource in Minneapolis incubator

Medical device startups can benefit from the services offered at the Sister Kenny Research Center in Minneapolis in their quest to commercialize products. Read more to find out what the research center has to offer.

on July 18, 2011