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What to do aspiring entrepreneurs really want

A top-ranked business school has taken a look at the wish list of aspiring entrepreneurs. What tops that list might surprise you.

on November 30, 2011
Top 10 life sciences markets identified in new study

If you guessed that the top life sciences markets are on the east and west coasts, you'd be right. However, several parts of the Midwest are now considered emerging markets. Read more to learn the locations of the top 10 life sciences markets.

on November 29, 2011
Nanotechnology firms college partners to get 3 million boost

Nanotechnology firms will benefit from $3 million in grants from a Pennsylvania organization that wants to encourage innovation. Read more about this program for businesses and colleges.

on November 28, 2011
Are Synthes corporate officers first of many to be punished by FDA

Medical device startups should take notice of the legal case that sent a medical device maker's corporate officers to prison because of clinical trial missteps. Read more about the case.

on November 25, 2011
Startup study finds leading global entrepreneurs embrace adversity

Successful global entrepreneurs actually thrive during difficult times and find opportunities, according to a new ErnstĀ & Young study. Read more about their secrets to success.

on November 23, 2011
Want a great template for an entrepreneurial incubator Think like a Wolverine

Some entrepreneurial incubators are better than others. For a good role model, check out the University of Michigan.

on November 22, 2011
Five medical problems ripe for investment

In the healthcare business landscape, there's plenty of healthcare investing happening. However, there are still medical problems that could benefit from more investment. Read more about them.

on November 21, 2011
Pros and cons of venture and angel investing

In Part Two of our look at early-stage entrepreneurial funding, we examine the pros and cons of the two primary startup funding mechanisms: venture capital and angel funding.

on November 18, 2011
Angel investing versus venture capital Part I

As year-end approaches and entrepreneurs regroup to figure out financing options for 2012, it's a good time to take a look at the two major sources of new business fundingĀ -- angel investing versus venture capital.

on November 17, 2011
Life sciences venture deals down in third quarter

The number of life sciences venture deals was down in the third quarter and first-time funding was down as well. Read more about the reasons behind the numbers.

on November 16, 2011