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How the university technology transfer office fosters entrepreneurship

on August 01, 2013

The report University Technology Transfer through Entrepreneurship: Faculty and Students in Spinoffs, examines students' roles in university startups and compares the functions and responsibilities of faculty, entrepreneurs, and students in moving innovations to market.

According to the study, four primary pathways lead to spinoff development:

  • A partnership between faculty and an experienced entrepreneur represented 23 percent of the commercialization cases in the study. Most faculty interviewed for the report consider this partnership the ideal pathway to technology transfer, but experienced CEOs often are reluctant to join a startup team in a venture's initial stages.
  • Partnerships between faculty and Ph.D./post-doctoral students (41 percent).
  • Collaborations between faculty, Ph.D./post-doctoral students, and business school students (13 percent).
  • Student-only ventures (23 percent).

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