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A patient's user experience is a driver for mobile apps

on December 3, 2013

There are a great number of healthcare apps available to different players in healthcare. When it comes to the patient market for healthcare apps, a quality experience and a way for patients to be involved are the key.

CEO and co-founder Ari Tulla developed BetterDoctor two years ago after struggling to find the right physician for his wife's health problems. The purpose of the app is to help consumers discover the right doctors and to provide a database for doctor information and reviews.

Tulla's focus was mainly on providing high quality and allowing consumers to have input.

"We value usability and experience," said Tulla. "Those two qualities are highly valued with any mobile app. The proper user experience is an important thing that I think we have provided well in our two years."

Users look for quality in any app, but quality becomes even more important when it comes to an individual's health, according to Tulla.

"When it comes to healthcare, quality is the number one priority," said Tulla. "If you think about finding a restaurant, it's all about convenience. For healthcare, you are not just going for the first thing available. We want to help the consumer where they have the least power and that is deciding which doctor is best for them."

Finding the right doctor in an efficient period of time is an issue 70 million American families face each year, according to Tulla. The BetterDoctor app has reached 5 million users in its first two years, which has provided a solid starting point for the app's ratings database, he said.

"Patients want to see reviews from credible sources," said Tulla. "People want to learn about their doctor and being able to see reviews and making reviews makes the app more attractive for use."

Other insights from Tulla:

Keep updating the app – Tulla said it is vital to keep updating apps no matter how old they may be. "You should be embarrassed by what your app looked like 6 months ago," he said. "Your app 6 months ago should be considered extremely outdated work."

Gather data early and often – Tulla recommends overestimating the time and work it will take to gather the data that drives your app. "The data was a lot more difficult than I thought. New doctors and practices are appearing often and I wish we had spent more time and effort on building our data from the beginning," he said.

[Photo by - William Brawley]

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