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What the new age of health care means for life science entrepreneurs

on May 02, 2013

David Ewing Duncan, director of the Center for Life Science Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, published an “old-fashioned call to arms and action plan for a new age of health care.” The Personalized Health Manifesto was developed with the participation of about three dozen life science leaders in science, medicine, business, and more.

The report includes calls to action for the life science community, policymakers, patients, and others as the U.S. sits on “the cusp of a vital new era of health care, one in which medicine will shift from primarily addressing illness to a greater emphasis on prediction and prevention, and on individualized care.” It advocates the following reforms:

  • Modify medical education and scientific training to emphasize wellness and predictive and preventive medicine, and a deeper understanding of the links between the new science and the clinic.
  • Refocus regulation and oversight to better utilize science and technology to streamline the drug and diagnostic approval process.
  • Encourage entrepreneurs, investors, and commercial efforts to develop new products and protocols based on the science of personalized health.
  • Create a Human Integration Fund: a hybrid of public and private money dedicated to investing not in individual efforts, but in groupings of efforts that jointly target a disease or system, or the human body.
  • Establish a reimbursement process that pays for and encourages predictive tests, prevention, healthy wellness, and targeted treatments.

The full report is available on the Kauffman Foundation website.

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