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Why your innovation should complement rather than disrupt

on November 12, 2013

Dr. Joshua Landy understands the importance of sharing medical experiences with other physicians. He wanted to take it a step further and make those experiences valuable to a greater range of healthcare professionals. Landy decided to launch Figure 1, hoping that it would change the way physicians worked day-to-day, and also make their daily work more accessible to their peers.

Landy said he had many ideas before developing Figure 1, a photo sharing platform for healthcare professionals. But Landy and his co-founders, Gregory Levey and Richard Penner, felt Figure 1 would be the most exciting for their target users.

"We wanted to develop something that was not an obstacle that they would have to climb over in order to use, but to augment their flow and get things moving." said Landy. "This product fit best with physicians' already existing workflow."

Landy had noted that physicians were already sharing photos of rare cases for the purpose of education, so he developed Figure 1 in order to keep all the photos in a searchable database for other healthcare professionals.

"We knew that physicians used smartphones to take pictures of remarkable cases," said Landy. "Those images are sitting in their phone memory, but no one else can see them besides the one person that they share with."

Landy acknowledged that there are thousands of healthcare apps that are targeted to healthcare professionals. This is because doctors are constantly using their phones while working.

"Healthcare professionals touch their phones an incredible amount of times, over 200 times a day," said Landy. "If you put things where people are going to use them, then you are more likely to have success. If you leverage that type of strategy to help people improve their work, you can have a product that is worth using."

Other insights from Landy:

Feedback value - Landy and his co-founders continually reconfigured Figure 1 based on feedback. "We try to remain open to feedback," said Landy. "Having people give you honest feedback has been the driver of the features that exist in Figure 1 today."

Founding team - "They are passionate and devoted people," Landy said about his founding team. "To have people that are devoted to the product is one of the most important things. You can't do a project of this scope alone."

[Photo by - Sean MacEntee]

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