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Who are the right people for your team?

on October 3, 2013

During a panel focused on the players in entrepreneurship, Huffington Post writer Jennifer Hill led a discussion on team building for startups (0:21:57 - 0:27:42). The panel at Life Science Ventures Summit included Nick Franano, Avi Roop, Geoff Clapp and Sofie Qiao.

As Hill guided the conversation toward how to pick the right hire, the panel agreed that entrepreneurs should value attitude over skill set.

Greed and ego - "You can actually start with a great business model, great concept, great technology, but greed and ego does kill companies," said Qiao. She also mentioned that it was ironic that without a little bit of greed and ego, entrepreneurs would not exist, so it is important to keep both in check.

Build skill from passion - "I don't need the best iOS engineer; I need someone who actually cares about chronic care," said Clapp. He stressed hiring from passion instead of skill level because startups cannot always offer perks that keep non-passionate workers motivated.

Develop personal relationships - "There is a relationship beyond the actual work you are trying to do," said Roop. "That is one way that helps me at least selfishly trust I am going to get honest feedback." Roop gave an example of his relationship with a professional investor and a surgeon who became access points for the rest of the world with the ability to vouch for his company.

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