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The winners of Healthcare's Grand H@ckfest

on March 20, 2014

Last weekend, hundreds of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and healthcare professionals came together in Boston to "hack" some of healthcare's biggest pain points. The result? New companies creating innovative products and services for the medical sector.

Here are the winners of Healthcare's Grand H@ckfest:

  • Hospital IT track: Vidrio, captures audio/visual information from primary care visits, automates simple EMR updates and transcribes doctor notes (watch the Vidrio presentation)
  • Rare disease track: Facial Metrics, bringing accepted facial feature measurement diagnostics into a mobile app to better diagnose patients with rare diseases more quickly
  • Telehealth and mobile health track: MedSnap, digital capture of health images and secure transmission for electronic health records and global health applications, designed for wireless, portable use and with otoscope/ophthalmoscope attachment
  • Global health technology track: Breathe Easy, real-time monitoring of the extent of blockage buildup in tracheostomy tubes to prevent patient suffocation
  • Diabetes track: MedApp Review, an online platform for physician-reviewed medical apps that uses verified healthcare providers to crowdsource ratings, currently focused on weight loss with a scope for expanding

This event was the first in the Kauffman Foundation's six-city Energizing Health Collaboration Series.

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