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Frank Vinluan

What nanotechnology startups need to know to attract investors

Nanotechnology startups are competing for investment dollars, but those who have a strong management team and can meet a market need will stand out. Read more tips on getting nanotech investments.

on April 11, 2012
What venture capitalists want to see in personalized medicine companies

Venture capital investments are in high demand, but some personalized medicine companies succeed in securing dollars. Read more for tips on what venture capitalists want to see in a personalized medicine company before investing in it.

on April 10, 2012
Getting the most out of a meeting with the FDA

A meeting with the FDA can be hard to get, so it's important to make the most of it. Read more for tips on how medical device startups can maximize their time with the FDA.

on March 14, 2012
Seeking funding for your startup Dont overlook foundations

Life science startups looking for funding should keep foundations in mind as a potential source. Read more for tips on getting funding from foundations.

on December 21, 2011
Top 10 life sciences markets identified in new study

If you guessed that the top life sciences markets are on the east and west coasts, you'd be right. However, several parts of the Midwest are now considered emerging markets. Read more to learn the locations of the top 10 life sciences markets.

on November 29, 2011
Five tips for medical device makers seeking FDA approval

Medical device startups will be way ahead of their competitors if they know what to expect from the FDA approval process. Read more for tips on how to be prepared.

on November 03, 2011
Medical device innovation held back by regulations overseas competition

Federal regulations and overseas competition are just two of the barriers holding back medical device innovation, says one medical device industry executive. Read more about the other roadblocks to innovation.

on November 01, 2011
Whos the Steve Job of healthcare

Does the healthcare business have its own Steve Jobs? Maybe not, but instead there are many individuals and companies doing innovative biotech research.

on October 21, 2011
Regenerative medicine makes progress but still struggles to attract investors

Regenerative medicine has come a long way in recent years, leading some venture capitalists to consider investing in it. The roadblock to investing in this field is not a lack of funds, but rather a lack of a clear explanation of regenerative medicine's commercial applications, says one former venture capitalist.

on October 12, 2011
Health IT tips for cloud computing

Cloud computing is becoming more popular with companies, including those in health IT. Here are some tips to keep in mind before signing with a cloud vendor.

on October 10, 2011