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Healing Innovation

An alternative to fast failure in medical device innovation

In medical device development, challenging weaknesses early in the process can help an entrepreneur zero in on problem areas. Read more about this twist on the idea of fast failure.

on April 25, 2012
Could the FDA Delay efficacy test to speed devices to market

Medical devices could get to market faster if regulators didn't have to test for both safety and efficacy of new devices. Read more about how the use of post-market studies could bring new therapies to patients more quickly.

on March 07, 2012
Should surgeons profit from using medical devices they create

Many would agree that surgeons are qualified to create innovative medical devices that may be superior to what is currently available. But the controversy arises when surgeons begin to profit by purchasing their own products for use in their patients.

on October 27, 2011
American medical device industry cant have it both ways

In the race to get new medical devices to market, companies encounter FDA speed bumps that slow down the process. But would we really be willing to accept the risks that would accompany fast FDA approvals?

on October 26, 2011
Medical device startup company proves fundraising dollars are out there

A disposable insulin pump maker has completed the biggest equity financing transaction this year, proving that fundraising dollars are not as scarce as some might think. But the company, Valeritas, has a lot of things on its side. Read more about the company's advantages.

on September 21, 2011
Partnerships with medical institutions can foster medical device innovation

Pharmaceutical companies are benefitting from partnerships with academic medical institutions, but can biotech companies do the same? Read more on clinician impact on medical device innovation.

on August 31, 2011
What are the rules when physicians become medical device developers?

In today’s healthcare business landscape, support from doctors is part of many company’s medical device development business plan. Read more on when conflict of interest becomes a problem for physicians doubling as medical device developers.

on August 22, 2011
IOM report is a step backwards for medical device companies

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report recommending the 510(k) process be scrapped. Read more about the medical device industry’s reaction.

on August 1, 2011
Who should own ideas for innovation in healthcare?

More hospitals are realizing the profitability of medical device licensing in the healthcare business. Read more on intellectual property ownership in hospitals.

on July 14, 2011
Sluggish FDA approval for innovative medical devices puts industry advancement at risk

The FDA has been sluggish in the approval of innovative medical devices. Read more on how delayed approval could endanger venture funding for medical device startups.

on July 6, 2011