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Rita Baron-Faust

Unlimited opportunities spring from Big Data in biotechnology

A frequent buzzword in business these days is "Big Data." But how do investors and developers in the biotechnology industry make the best use of it?

on November 19, 2013
Category:  Growth  Creation  Execution 
Venture Capital: Dead or Alive in the 21st Century?

Is venture capital still viable as a model for funding new bioscience research, products and businesses?

on November 15, 2013
Category:  Creation  Growth  Execution 
Finding better ways to negotiate biotech intellectual property

Healthcare entrepreneurs who have hit the intellectual property speed bump can relate to the appropriately named session, "Reducing Drag: New Approaches to IP Negotiation and Technology Licensing," at the Partnering for Cures conference earlier this week in New York City.

on November 6, 2013
Category:  Creation  Execution 
Investing in bioscience for the long haul

Investors in bioscience are looking not just for financial returns, but societal returns over the long haul in a global economy. And that will take collaborative efforts and a crowdsourcing of expertise as well as capital.

on November 5, 2013
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