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Steven Auvil

Updated patent laws will change how device makers innovate

How will medtech and biotech companies be affected by the recently approved Leahy-Smith America Invents Act? Read more for five things these companies need to know about the modernized patent laws.

on November 15, 2011
Does your medical invention consulting contract comply with U.S. laws?

Physician-consultants and medical device startups often don’t realize that failure to draft a tight physician-consultant contract could result in violations of federal laws and criminal and civil penalties. Read more about the guidelines for these contracts.

on August 10, 2011
Patent law shifts from first to invent to first investor to file

The United States is joining the rest of the world in its approach to patent filings. But what does that mean in the completely global world of medical and pharmaceutical treatments, therapies and technologies depending on a strong and reliable patent system? Read how new American patent law will change medical business plans.

on May 3, 2011
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