Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall

Lessons I learned from my 5th grader

The modern person is being constantly pulled in a hundred different directions at any given time. Between our boss, our coworkers, our families, our personal development, our health, etc… we simply have too much to do. And once you have too much to do, you will rapidly start doing nothing. In this session, Jon will show you some tips and tricks to help you focus on the right things, ignore the things that can wait, and say no to the things you need to say no to.

Jon Mills

    With over 18 years of experience in Software Development and Management, Jon has led and built agile teams in a wide range of environments from small start-ups to large scale financial institutions. As a skilled mentor and international speaker, Jon has the opportunity to promote positive management practices and personal development skills to developers and managers in many different situations.

As a director at PaigeTechnologies, Jon has the opportunity to help hiring managers identify and attract the best possible candidates for their IT needs. Jon is also able to work with potential candidates to teach them the skills necessary in the ever changing technology field.  Jon is able to observe trends in the work force in Kansas City and adapt a training program to meet those needs. All this helps PaigeTechnologies build a better workforce for the companies of the region. Jon is also director of the Kansas City Developer Conference, which is in its 6th year.

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