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Stretch Yourself: Craig Wortmann's Jump Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

You've settled into a fast but sustainable pace. Your running group is holding together, but just as in a real marathon, everyone is starting to become inwardly focused. You are hurting a bit, and still looking at miles and miles to come.

on January 23, 2015
Find Your Running Buddies: Craig Wortmann's Jump Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

In our metaphorical marathon, the crowd has begun to thin a bit. And you are starting to see the same people around you. This can be a very powerful thing in a long race. Your group can sustain you, motivate you and help you along.

on January 15, 2015
"And They're Off!" Jump Starting the New Year on the Right Foot

For high-performing entrepreneurs, a new year feels a bit like the excitement you feel at the start of a marathon. You've dreamt about it. You've told your friends. You've trained. You've got the right shoes! Most importantly, you've made a commitment to go the distance.

on January 09, 2015
The Art of Data: Deciding the Business Metrics that are Most Important for Your Company to Measure and Monitor

Let's talk about data. Not Big Data. Your performance data.

Entrepreneurs hear a lot about vision and passion. About being lean and about pivoting. About customers and canvases. But we don't talk a lot about measuring and monitoring the critical business factors that will determine your success or failure. Maybe because it's hard, or maybe because it's boring.

on January 08, 2015
Top 5 Blogs of 2014: What To Retain Before Year's End

At Founders School, we believe knowledge increases your chances for success. And the repetition of such knowledge drives home its true meaning. So as the year winds down, we're taking a looking at the five most popular blogs this year, in case you missed them.

on December 16, 2014
Presentation Skills: How to Properly Respond to QandA

Entrepreneurs spend hours, weeks, even months perfecting their pitch. Whether to an audience of potential customers or investors, an entrepreneur's pitch takes time and consideration in order to fashion a presentation that is engaging, captivating and alluring. But in all this preparation, entrepreneurs often forget one very big preparation.

on December 11, 2014
The 'Three-Legged Stool' Theory of Building a Business

Have you ever built a stool? The reality for most of us is no. Long gone are the days of mandatory shop class in high school. So, do me a favor, and visualize this mentally. You're building a stool. You've got one leg on, you've just fiddled the second one in, and you're preparing to add the last leg. Seems simple enough, right? Now add the fact that you're doing this on a train going 100 miles an hour. Not so easy anymore. And, frankly, a little insane.

on November 20, 2014
'The Art of Startup Finance' Illustrates How To Properly Pay Attention to the Numbers Behind Your Business

It may surprise you to learn that your financials should not be left to a bookkeeper alone. In order to understand a business and avoid making mistakes, you must understand the numbers that drive the important metrics--cash flow and revenue--that fuel your venture.

on October 29, 2014
Three Activities to Test Whether You're Picking The Right Marketing Tactics

If you've visited Kauffman Founders School to view the video lectures we post each and every week, we're glad you've joined us! We've been lucky to work with incredibly knowledgeable experts, and to meet hard-working, and inspirational entrepreneurs who are tackling challenges every day.

on October 22, 2014
How to Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Sending an email is like the proverbial handshake. You greet, you affirm, and you grow a relationship. You don't just sell to faceless entities in a sea of humanity. You sell to individual people whom you have touched before. It's called relationship marketing.

on October 16, 2014