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Dodd's Bill is an Angel Killer

Rick Tumlinson

President Obama bet his legacy and the nation on the creativity, energy and drive of the American people. His entire persona is that of a man bent on creating a better future, placing the long and short bets that will insure the US remains the most vital and creative nation in the history of the world. His faith in American ingenuity and the abilities of the people to innovate and create fill every speech he makes. In particular four areas are the focus of his belief that Americans can lead the world into a brighter tomorrow; clean energy, communications, medicinal technology and space development.

Be it encouraging the development of a US clean energy industry, supporting our amazing internet and communications entrepreneurs, developing new ways to save lives and make Americans healthier at lower cost, or catalyzing a vital new commercial space industry to follow in NASA's footsteps and open the frontier to the people, in each of these areas the president is pursuing initiatives that are transformative.

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