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Female Founder Makes a Notable Splash at TechCrunch Disrupt

Lesa Mitchell

A powerhouse female scientist just launched a company at TechCrunch Disrupt, the big tech conference in New York that showcases hot new startups. I’m told she’s the first female founder to startup at this event, but I haven’t confirmed that. I do know that I’ve heard from several people who think she’s the first, which tells me women-led startups don’t have a high profile at this important entrepreneurship venue – or any profile at all. We are working to change that. 

Three years ago this June a majority of women-focused entrepreneurship support organizations, such as Astia and Women 2.0 to name a few, assembled in New York to announce that this would be “the decade of women entrepreneurs.” Our goal is to make female-led startup launches the norm everywhere. Maureen Dunne, the founder who kicked off her new company at TechCrunch Digest, is a great example of why we made this declaration. You will understand what makes her a model for other women entrepreneurs when you read her CrunchCase profile. She is one of the many women scientists who decided that the only way to make a difference is to start and grow a firm that is based upon her technology. is the first digital video game platform, called UQ World, that uses neuroscience principles to benefit young players’ brains, creating a new category called “Smart Gaming.”

In Sept of 2012 Dunne was listed as a Founder to Watch by Women 2.0 and Astia. Thank you Astia for providing such great support for women who want to scale their companies, and thank you Women 2.0 for being so smart you saw this gem eight months before TechCrunch.

In recognition of “the decade of women entrepreneurs,” pass this news on to people in your entrepreneurship community to inspire not only other women but also those who can mentor and advise women.

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