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G20 Leaders Suggest Entrepreneurship Education to Combat Youth Unemployment

Mark Marich

The G20 Leaders Summit concluded last week in St. Petersburg, Russia, producing a 27-page G20 Leaders' Declaration document that outlines a plan for strong and sustained global economic growth. Weak growth in the aftermath of the global recession and persistently high unemployment—especially among youth—were at the top of the list of challenges.

"Creating more productive and better quality jobs is at the heart of our countries’ policies aimed at achieving strong sustainable and balanced growth, poverty reduction and increasing social cohesion. We agree that strong and supportive macroeconomic, trade, investment, and labour market policies, sustainable public finance, a sound and well-regulated financial system, and resilient and effective social protection systems are the foundation for sustainable job-creating economic growth."

The declaration highlights several priorities to facilitate job creation, including "pro-growth structural reforms in product and labour markets" and tailored strategies "developing school and university curricula that support entrepreneurship."

In addition to the declaration, the summit produced a number of supporting documents, including the St. Petersburg Action Plan and a number of papers on transparency, anti-corruption, financial reform and more.

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