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New Kauffman site offers expert resources for entrepreneurs

Ryan Amin

The Kauffman Foundation has recently launched a new site called the Founders School. Healthcare entrepreneurs can use this site to discover new resources for common entrepreneurial problems.

The website launched with 3 topics: Entrepreneurial Selling, Intellectual Property and Powerful Presentations. The Founders School website will continually be updated with different topics. Upcoming topics include: Founder's Dilemmas, Customer Development and Surviving the Entrepreneurial Life. Users can register for news alerts that will be sent when the site has new resources added. Each topic has a list of modules that give entrepreneurs video lectures from expert sources, suggested readings, insights from other founders and related questions and tools.

The Intellectual Property topic is a section that may be of particular interest for healthcare entrepreneurs. It features modules covering strategy, infringement, patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, employees and licensing. Each module under this topic contains a video lecture from Peter D. McDermott, who is a lawyer specializing in patent laws for new technology. On top of the video lectures, each module provides questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves (How does protection of IP relate to the goals I have for my business?), questions to ask their team (How can we secure IP protection for our work product?) and other related exercises (Identify a technology development or advancement you have or plan to achieve under your business plan).

Entrepreneurs can keep up to date, offer feedback and get interactive through the Founders School's newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

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