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Thom Ruhe

Kahn Academy Kauffman Foundation Interview SeriesTo me, there’s no better source for entrepreneurial advice than straight from the entrepreneur. And as an entrepreneur myself, I know there’s no one an entrepreneur is more likely to take advice from than a fellow entrepreneur. There’s something real and honest about a successful founder—someone who’s chosen to go off the beaten path and found prosperity in doing so—talking about the wrong turns and pivots they’ve made along the way. Those stories and insights are what first-time founders need.

And herein lies the core value of the new entrepreneurship interview series launched yesterday by the Khan Academy in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation (my colleague Wendy Torrance also posted a great blog on the series). For those unfamiliar, Khan Academy is a non-profit providing world-class education free to anyone willing to sign-up online and access it. Together, we created this online interview series in which accomplished entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Marc Ecko share their personal lessons and insights.

We were really honored to work with Khan Academy to produce this series. Not only is it the first entrepreneurially focused content to grace the Academy’s vast collection of free educational resources, but Khan Academy is the embodiment of what’s possible when an entrepreneurial mindset is applied to a great need. This organization has disrupted everything we thought we knew about education. And now, Khan Academy users—6 million students per month—will learn how they too can apply their knowledge to solve problems, just as the entrepreneurs in the series have.

Watch the first interviews (of many to come) in the series, featuring these successful entrepreneurs:

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