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The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program One Year Update

Gary Schoeniger

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since the release of the Ice House Entrepreneurship program. In twelve short months, the program has garnered the attention of educators, economic development and civic organizations from across the US and beyond. Milestones include:

More than 1000 students have been enrolled in a variety of applications from young adults, to higher education and workforce development. More than 30 pilots are currently underway including Hudson Valley Community College, Kent State University and Go Topeka, an economic development organization dedicated to creating opportunities for economic growth.

The SMASH Academy will begin its initial pilot at Stanford University this summer. Led by Executive Director Robert Schwartz, the SMASH Academy is a three-year, 5-week summer math and science program for high achieving low income students of color.
The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program
“I've spent the past 6 months working on designing an entrepreneurship curriculum for our summer program for urban high school students.” said Schwartz. “After several months, I stumbled on the Ice House Curriculum and thought I found the holy grail. It's culturally relevant, accessible on many levels, and draws on the principles of effectuation which are being used in the top college entrepreneurial programs.”

Course Accreditation Thanks to a partnership with Johnson County Community College and the efforts of Department Chair Donna Duffey, the Ice House Program has been accredited by the Kansas Board of Regents for three credit hours. Additional accreditation efforts are currently under way.

Louisville SummerWorks Program Mayor Greg Fischer embraced the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as part of a summer-works project. The program will enable 400 students, ages 16 -21, to participate in real-world entrepreneurial projects that will expose them to the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship. More information about the Louisville SummerWorks program is available here.

Facilitator Training More than 200 educators and small business development experts have come to Kauffman Labs to become certified to facilitate the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program. The two day intensive training has attracted educators from as far away as Mumbai who have come to the Kauffman Foundation to learn how to implement the Ice House Entrepreneurship program in their communities. The next facilitator training is scheduled for July 31-August 2 at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City. More information about the upcoming facilitator training is available here.

The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is an interactive blended learning program designed to immerse participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide. More information about the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is available here.

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