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Women Entrepreneurs just need to add business skil

Mogens Thomsen, Mogens Thomsen

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2006 Report on Women and Entrepreneurship states that whether starting a micro-business in Bangladesh, leading a multimillion-dollar company in Ireland, or growing a competitive high-tech firm in China, women entrepreneurs are becoming an increasingly important component of the world economy, its productivity growth, and its struggle against poverty.


The findings of the GEM report also provide significant evidence for two important conclusions:

  • Women entrepreneurs can be found in every country and under all circumstances
  • A significant and systematic gap still exists in the entrepreneurial involvement and business ownership of men compared to women.


Great opportunities exist for governments at all levels to tap into the underutilized potential of women. Across the world, women from a variety of backgrounds are showing increasing interest in expressing their entrepreneurial spirit. And yet, many women hesitate to transform their business ideas into action.

  • Women entrepreneurs knowledge
  • Women entrepreneurs have to deal with the same basic business fundamentals as men. But it should be no problem. On the contrary.
  • Women entrepreneurs are better skilled

Several studies has shown that a women entrepreneurs are better skilled than men. Skilled in the way that they have more factual knowledge about their product or service than men normally have.

If men feel they know 40 % of what they should know about there trade, they start a business. Women entrepreneurs prefer to know at least 98 % of what there is to know about their trade. So fewer women start a business.

Women entrepreneurs are experienced managers

At the same time women entrepreneurs are often better managers than men. The know by experience how to lead a group of people because they have often been the managers of their own family.

If you have three children, a mother in law who does not think you are good enough for her son, few money to by food for, parents that depends on you, a husband you might love but who is not always that caring combined with evening classes in computing and you still manage you are quite a manager.

  • Managing a business is less difficult that managing an extended family.
  • As a woman entrepreneur you have many of the needed skills to run a business.

Women Entrepreneurs add business skills The best way to learn these business skills is to write a business plan. When you write a plan on how to start business it should contain information on the following issues:

Business Concept

A good idea is only a good business idea if you are able to make enough money from it for you to live independently. Once you have got an idea, in most cases it needs adjusting and further development before it turns into a commercial concept.
- Click for knowledge about Business Concept

Personal Resources and Objectives

Running a newly established company is a very personal thing as its owner is typically the only one present in the company. Therefore, it is important to emphasise to yourself and others alike that you do possess the capacity and resources necessary to run a business. As a woman entrepreneur you are probably better than you thing yourself.
- Click for knowledge about Personal Resources and Objectives


The product or service you offer is the lifeblood of your business. Thus, it is important to analyse its various aspects. Special attention should be paid to what the customers demand from the product or service.
- Click for knowledge about Product/Service

Market Description

Before you are able to carry out any sort of sales or marketing action you need to identify the market you want to penetrate. A good marketing result requires thorough market and customer insight.
- Click forknowledge about Market Description

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are your tools to approach potential customers in order to rise an interest in your product or service. Whether to run local newspaper advertisements, direct mails, work out an internet solution, or attend international trade fairs, is entirely dependent on what you sell and what customer profile you want to approach.
-Click for knowledge about Sales and Marketing

Practical Organising of Start Business

You need to describe the every-day running of your company and also take into account the cost of arranging and running your business.
-Click for knowledge about Practical Organising of Start Business

Business Development

It is hard to think 3-4 years ahead even before your business is up and running. It would, however, be an advantage if you at this early stage can envision the outlines of an even bigger and more interesting company than the one you start out with.
- Click for knowledge about Business Development


Budgets are the above topics described in economic terms. The more specific the plans, the easier it becomes to work out budgets. Budgets will also contribute to the concretizing of the plans and it is ok to go back and change plans if the budgets prove them unrealistic.
- Click for knowledge about Budgets


Financing merely means: "How do I raise the funds that I need to start my own business?"
- Click for knowledge about Financing

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