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Lean Branding Bootcamp

12/19/2013 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Tired of Pitching to Build Traction for Your Brand?

Do you need more traction and want to grow your company? Are you tired of pitching and could use more sales, but don't like sounding like a salesperson? Do you want to create a memorable brand that stands out and gets more engagement from your biggest fans? Do you want your ideas to catch on, and be shared on social media or covered in the press?

This one-night boot camp includes three one-hour sessions to help your company grow by increasing traction, engagement, and sales by creating the right message, content strategy, and marketing campaigns for the right customers.

Who should attend?

If you're an entrepreneur, visionary employee, social innovator or other creative who wants to get traction for your bold company or idea, this workshop is for you.


Session 1: Find the right audience by creating targeted customer personas (avoid wasting time and money on the wrong people).

Session 2: Connect with your best customers and build traction through storytelling (stop sounding like a sales pitch and build your following).

Session 3: Create branded messages for strategic campaigns to 10x your engagement, sales, and loyalty (attract the right fans, press and investors).

Wrap up, Q&A, and Close out.

You'll walk away with:

Step-by-step, hands-on instructions to grow your brand

Actionable feedback and strategies to get more customers

A customized one-page customer persona

A customized one-page founder persona

Three different brand or founder stories to use in promo videos, "about" pages or marketing campaign

One-page branding plan to use the build-measure-learn process with your team

Bonus 30-minute coaching session ($250 value) scheduled after the class to make sure you use what you learned to grow your company

Free food and beverages (dinner is included)


Instructors are active leaders in Austin's Lean Startup community. We're here to make sure you succeed.

Your investment is protected by a 100% "hype-free" moneyback guarantee. If you feel at any time that you didn't get value out of the boot camp or your follow-up branding breakthrough coaching session, we'll give you 100% of your money back. Guaranteed.

Learn More: Lean Branding Bootcamp

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