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3D Printing Technologies and Business Model 3D printing

11/23/2013 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

3D printing technology of the industrial model

Thank Tainan University Professor Lin Haoqiang, National Tsing Hua Zhang are with the University of Tainan and Learning Technology Department to assist,

the current 3D printing technology of the industrial model agenda has been determined to be 11/23 at University of Tainan think Shing House F302 organized

the event details provisionally as follows :


Activity is expected to be 11 / 23, 13:00 to 15:00, the content bear 3D printing technology, market analysis and Discussion Q & A time. Share content as both the entry description. If relevant agenda heard friends may somewhat boring, overly similar vexed.


University of Tainan will sponsor some tea provided, but some refreshments to please the needs of friends to bring their own. The event is purely to share, so please hold relaxed mind and body to participate in the agenda easily share it.


does not have a physical machine printed material and physical display, since I already have a good period of time not to touch 3D printing equipment, but still long-term sustainability concerns related news and industry content. If you are interested to understand the physical machine and materials of friends, please be patient Fablab.Tainan opening can find out. 4 Personally, I did not handle the physical machine and material distribution, so I hope asking friends procurement stores information will advise you to check on the first auction to understand more quickly. These are the agenda for sharing this 3D printing event announcements, follow-up of any transaction, updates will be updated from time to remind the participants posting friends, thanks again Tainan University of Technology Learning digital learning for their assistance!

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