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KSDG app course 3 The Secret Behind the Mobile App KSDG app course 3 App

11/23/2013 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

KSDG app course # 3 - App hero behind the scenes

When the online game (OLG) after the rise, single games can not break into the morass, the same happens in the App body, and this year did not get the message over the network to communicate with App gradually forgotten by the user, but also to get hold of even Game App scoring standings players exchange, so in the end to what the network connection behind secret, mobile application developers how fast painless to create your own cloud services.

KSDG invited to MOPCON 2013 Lightning Talk Speakers Ben, tell you how to use simple Java or Javascript code, create your own Mobile App backend data API, but also introduces Quick ancillary services Skin API, I believe you can not do after the quick help end of the rapid convergence of network App developers to build their own cloud data core.


Ben : independent software developers. Living in America, he worked in IBM Almaden Research Center, Cognos Inc., NetClue Corp. Companies such work. Founded NetClue Corp. Acquisition target for a number of companies. After returning to focus on back-office services research, currently Crosby Network Services (shares) CEO.

Organizer: Kaohsiung Software Developer Group (KSDG)

National Sun Yat Southern District to promote industrial development research center

Supervisor: Export Processing Zone Administration

Fee: Free Date: 2013/11/23 (six) Time: 13:30 ~ 17:00 Place: Kaohsiung Software Park Building B, Room 708 (Kaohsiung City Fuxing 4th 7th Floor, Room 708, No. 2) Agenda:

13:30 ~ 13:40 Admission / Registration / AC

13:40 ~ 15:40 Ben - Skin API

15:40 ~ 15:50 intermission & AC

15:50 ~ 16:00 Lightning Talk Collection 1: Tony - start bickering Community Intro

16:00 ~ 17:00 Lightning Talk Collection sharing time (welcome to apply)

Course Information:

Please bring your laptop to the scene to facilitate participation in Workshop lab exercises.

Recommendations have Javascript or Java basic development knowledge

Learn More: KSDG app course 3 The Secret Behind the Mobile App KSDG app course 3 App

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