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Startup Generation school does not teach five lessons the young generation of entrepreneurs

11/23/2013 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Remember when you play with Lego?

then my parents always say we have creativity!

future will be very successful people! Once upon a time, as we age we have forgotten how unrestrained creative beauty ... lost some God has given us the gift of ... children are educated Taiwanese study and examination machines less independent thinking and the ability to dream. Someone once said: "Not

coming decade's work does not exist. " Google , APPLE , Youtube , Facebook does not exist all these before! nobody could expect to Nokia will be the true end! history tells us: The world has been changing, has been refurbished!!

The youngsters coming very confused ...

as if the cage-like 22K, rising wages do not rise in price in the case, people worry about. Some chose a different path with you escape bondage and creativity ...

This road is called entrepreneurship!!

This road is very difficult, full of the unknown road!

Only in this way can be broken restrictions! Welcome to 22K times!! another angle think this is the era of young entrepreneurs!! listen to the story of the young entrepreneurs!

Seminar Date: 2013/11/23

Talk Time: 14:00 ~ 17:30 (suggested admission half an hour earlier)

Venue: Twilight Café

lecture Address: Kaohsiung City Road No. 73 2F national

seminar fee: 130 yuan (80 yuan drinks Cheesecake Brown Nigerian lecturer grants)

Sponsor: Department of Materials Engineering High Society should maximize

co- Unit: Department of high water Dangdang should maximize timber

Lectures process:

13:30 ~ 14:00 Registration, communication time

14:00 - 15:30 Young Han Qian-Blink Wallet founder Mopei Technology

15:30 ~ 15:45 Q & A Time

15:45 - 17:15 Hu Tingshuo - defying disease brave social enterprise idea sharing

17:15 ~ 17:30 Q & A time presented awards

About the Speaker:

Yang Han Qian, Mopei Technology founder, is committed to the field of mobile payments.

At present the main products for the electronic ticket card is hoped card bills electronically, plus the system wisdom is better than right, let consumer transactions easier and faster, and allow businesses to be more intelligent management, to online and offline transaction efficiency .

Models who, filming idol drama and advertising.

University held during the 2010 World Model United Nations conference, and founder of the Pan-Asian Model United Nations Conference. In hours of internship at JPMorgan Asset Management, BCG, Mckinsey & Company, the first job after graduation as a United States reserves the competent (2011 Citibank MA).

MA as observed during the mobile payments business opportunities, so leave their own business.

Convinced: Never think small when you can think big.

usually like to travel, play, observe the four surrounding and writing. Hu Tingshuo, defying disease warrior, social enterprise promoters

from single-parent families, twenty-year-old suffering from a rare disease, significant disability spinal muscular disease.

Department of Education in Normal reading after two years, would like to combine the promotion of the rule of law when the law who retake school admission test to the full level of NTU law.

He hopes to innovative public-spirited "social enterprise" action that disadvantaged people help themselves. New Taipei City was awarded the Outstanding Youth, fifteen-year-old cram school work-study, kindergartens will walk, high school sicker, almost depression, until my mother explained two brothers in the future to take care of him, so that he can not become a burden on awakening, before Cheer up.

"My body is to give me a task"

[NTU Net Impact] societies [Social Innovation Bus] team [dream] looking for a fair plan practitioners.

Has been subjected invited to TEDx, ENSIT, tertiary institutions speech, namely by the university invited to become members of the CLA related to the development of social enterprises, social innovation throughout Taiwan are familiar stories, he will share with us their experience and plan implementation Social Innovation knot combined business model ideas.

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