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We need an economic boost and entrepreneurship is the answer. Since 1980, all net new jobs have been created by startups less than five years old. Entrepreneurship is the engine driving our economic recovery. You can rev up the engine.

As a FastTrac Sponsor

You are recognized as an important catalyst for economic growth and prosperity.

You become part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, creating a network of business prospects and customers for your organization.

You are associated with the world renowned Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation in the United States devoted to entrepreneurship.

a FastTrac sponsorship

Extend your philanthropy: Offer full or partial scholarships to entrepreneurs.

Speak to a class: Mentor entrepreneurs by sharing your knowledge and experience.

FastTrac sponsors may provide financial support, facilities for the course, or guest speakers and coaches for the entrepreneurs. In some cases, sponsors may brand the course: Your Company Name presents FastTrac.

300,000 reasons to support FastTrac

FastTrac has helped more than 300,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. FastTrac programs have a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs establish and grow firms, create jobs and strengthen the economy. You can help to perpetuate entrepreneurial success.  Become a FastTrac sponsor today.