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FastTrac® is a practical, hands-on, entrepreneur-learning program designed to help entrepreneurs hone the skills needed to create, manage, and grow a successful business. FastTrac participants don't just learn about business, they live it. They work on their own business ideas or existing ventures throughout the program – moving their ventures to reality.

FastTrac is a framework for entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Programs combine facilitator-led sessions, small-group exercises, guest subject-matter experts, and idea sharing with peers with business coaching and mentoring.

How FastTrac Works

  • FastTrac is designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.
  • Knowledge and insights, skills and stories from successful entrepreneurs catalyze within a contemporary, practical learning environment.
  • Participants learn with and from their peers creating a powerful network that continues well after the program is complete.
  • Entrepreneurs create or grow your company with practical support from entrepreneurs with experience in the challenges of starting or growing businesses.
  • Participants are guided by expert facilitation and instruction from successful entrepreneurs who share their practical experiences.
  • Experiential, hands-on business development produces results. Entrepreneurs who have completed a FastTrac program are more likely to take charge of their business and put their business on the fast track.
  • Organizations throughout the United States and the world, active in their local and regional entrepreneurial communities, are certified to deliver FastTrac programs.

Who Participates

FastTrac programs serve existing entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in non-academic environments. And college students in their academic environment earn credit for completing courses using FastTrac materials. FastTrac has served nearly 300,000 entrepreneurs since 1993.

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